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The Lunge and the Split Jerk

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In last week’s edition of Midweek Mobility, Dr. Claudia Chaloner discussed the lunge archetype. This week, Ray Regno continues our discussion on the lunge and its application in the receiving position of the... READ MORE

Midline Stability in the Overhead Position

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Movement Rx’s Ray Regno is also the owner and head trainer at CrossFit Stronghold in San Diego. In this edition of Midweek Mobility, Ray talks about midline stability in the overhead position and... READ MORE

Crossover Symmetry

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Dr. Megan Hersh introduces a great tool called Crossover Symmetry that is great for warming up the shoulders, injury prevention, as well as decreasing shoulder pain and shoulder asymmetry. READ MORE

The Lunge

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The Lunge: Benefits Appropriate Position Mobility Progressions READ MORE

Sciatica and Neural Flossing

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Do you have sciatic pain? In this episode of Midweek Mobility, Dr. Claudia Chaloner explains what sciatica actually is and a way that you can relieve your discomfort. READ MORE