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Warm Up Series: Pull Ups and Toes to Bar

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Mobility Activation   Pull-up and Toes to Bar Movement Pattern Warm Up Key Points: Get hot and sweaty Perform mobility techniques for the positions of stress in both the strict pull-up/Toes to Bar... READ MORE

Rumble in Paradise: Mobility + Entertainment

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Hello San Diegans! While not quite ‘Funny or Die’ material, these WOD prep videos for the Rumble in Paradise competition do have a certain entertainment factor. Whether you’re laughing AT Dr. T and... READ MORE

Top 5 Ways to Warm Up Your Rack

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Part 1: Mobility Part 2: Activation Top 5 Ways to Fire Up Your Rack:  What’s your favorite position for your (front) rack? Whether it’s the front squat, clean, wall walls, rowing, road biking,... READ MORE